Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We have donuts.

Nothing goes down better in an economic downturn than a warm donut and a grande mocha mint latte. Um-um. Nummers!
You'll remember, a while ago I wrote about some construction going on in the area. A donut joint, hair salon and a drug store were being built around the corner from me. In the race for economic supremacy, donuts beat hair and drugs. The drug store lot is still in the run-down condition it was, ditto the hair joint.
Sadly, area residents are going without a decent haircut, and their angst cannot be salved by a heavy dose of prescription medication, but the lust for fried dough and hot sugary coffee can be fulfilled.
Of course, that doesn't rule out the 6 other drug stores within a 5-mile radius (one less than 2 miles from the planned Rite Aid) and the numerous other hair salons that couldn't possibly compete with what was once a Taco Bell. Not to mention the Dunkin' Donuts that is a scant 2 miles up the street from the one they just finished building on a site that was once a bank. What's that say about the current state of affairs?
America - What a country.

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