Sunday, November 23, 2008

Almost everything is on sale.

This coupon was attached to my Sunday paper today. 10% off my adult beverage purchase at one of the local stores.
"Not valid on sale items, club wines, closeouts, items ending in $.98 ..."
What kind of condition is that and why does it matter?
How about items ending in $.99?
My cynical side says that most of the items in the store end in .98.
I also enjoy the extra exclamation points (It's worth the trip!!!). I don't see it mentioned in my Style Manual, so I'll assume it means that they are extremely excited.


Firestarter5 said...

"Free wine tasting every Friday" at a discount liquor warehouse.

Why don't I picture tuxedo's and classical music being played in the background?

Anthony said...

Typical comment:
"This wine is great, and the screw-on cap has a great bouquet."