Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Is the Moon half empty or half full?

There are big doings around here over the next week or so. That hasn't always been the case for baseball fans (see profile photo at right). Usually, we're [the Philadelphia we] are sitting around watching other people going to baseball games. Now it's our turn to go.
By the way, it must suck to be a Cubs fan right now. In the spring, people who are supposed to know gave the Cubs and Tigers a trip to the World Series. During the season, those same people said that the Angels were a lock and the Tampa Rays would fade down the stretch.
Who is in the playoff "Final Four?" The Phillies, Dodgers, Red Sox and [ahem] Rays. I would say that it must suck to be a Mets fan, but that goes without saying, so I won't say it.
There is National League Championship Series baseball to be played and it starts on Thursday right here in Philadelphia. Fortunately for me, I'll be at game 1 and unfortunately for me I will not be at game 2. But that's why I have a television.
Still, we're Philadelphians and we can't help but sense the impending doom, much as Lucy would pull the football out from under Charlie Brown's kicking attempt. But this is baseball, and right now the moon is half full and most of us are willing to accept the fact that our time as baseball fans has come because ... well, doesn't it have to eventually?
All of that ten-thousand losses crap is in the past. After all, if a team is around long enough wouldn't it stand to reason that they'd lose 10,000 games? Maybe. Screw 10,000 losses - all we need are 8 more wins, and that seems like a grain of sand in the vast baseball beach - so to speak. Base beach ball? You know what I mean.
I would ask you to wish us luck, but wishes and luck are for losers and we aren't losers. Yet.
Yes, I took the moon photo, and yes, technically, the moon is in the waxing Gibbous phase, but I stretched the truth a little in order to make a point. If there's an astronomer in the crowd who wants to debate me, meet me on Broad Street for the parade on November 1.


kimmyk said...

how the hell did you get that shot of the moon and all it's craters? crap that was good.

i dont know baseball teams and their stats, but i do like the tigers that much i know. but i cant even begin to tell you what they've done this year as i completely forgot about baseball season.

life happened i guess.

anyways...have a great time at the 'show' tomorrow night.

Anthony said...

200mm lens with the camera set at the highest resolution, then I cropped the shit out of it.