Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Urban Landscape

Of course you are. Today's photo jaunt takes us back to the great city of Philadelphia. I think you can click on the photo and see it in full-screen mode, but it doesn't always seem to work.
My little walking tour starts at Logan Circle, where the sign points to The Franklin Institute science museum, which they have taken to calling "The Franklin," and I couldn't for the life of me tell you why. That's the big fountain in the center of Logan Circle. Usually, there are kids wading in it, but I caught it at an opportune moment. We're looking northeast toward City Hall.
Below, we're looking across the Circle toward the Cathedral-Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul, built in 1846 and the Sheraton Hotel, built much later.
There were kids playing in the fountain at Love Park. Not peeing, I hope.

A real urban landscape. Looking south on 15th Street. That Applebee's in the background used to be a fine restaurant called Bookbinder's. Like so many other things, it disappeared in the name of a big chain. Who wants to go to the city and eat at an Applebee's? Tourists.
City Hall, through the trees on JFK Boulevard.

Some acronyms maybe should be avoided. This little joint is in the middle of the "Gayborhood" on Locust Street, so I guess it fits.
There's a strange sculpture garden (kind of) outside the Reading Terminal Market. It's a big stone ball and a metal cone behind it. Mostly, homeless people sleep there.

The Reading Terminal Market is the place to go for just about anything. A great cheese steak from Rick's, who invented the thing; flowers for $6 a bunch and just about every form of produce, fruit, seafood or fresh anything you can imagine. The place bustles from the time it opens until closing at 6pm.

I love this neon sign that's visible from the outside.

That's the spire atop Independence Hall. Working my way east toward the Delaware River.
Here's another urban landscape for ya. I'd like to be able to tell you where this is, but let's just say it's in Olde City and leave it at that. I don't take notes. I liked the look of the cobblestone and the church spire in the background.

There was a Doo-Wop music festival going on at Penn's Landing today. Among the fans was a guy with a really big boat. That's the Delaware River and the Ben Franklin Bridge in the background. The fisheye is for Kimmyk, because I know she loves the fisheye.
I did a lot of walking today. I could have stayed longer, but I usually stop once my feet start to hurt. I don't know how many miles I walked, but it's 3 miles from Logan Circle to Penn's Landing, and I didn't walk a straight line. I'd guess in the area of 5 or 6 miles.


Kate Michele said...

This was difiantly worth the wait. Almost like I was with you anyway. What? No picture of the people mover?


Anthony said...

That would have meant that I may have accidentally included people in my photos. The kids in the fountain are a notable exception to my rule.

Cats, trees and buildings!


dmbfan said...

very SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET photos!!! you are TRULY a talent!!!... let's go SHOOT!!! :-)

kimmyk said...

i love these!
especially the produce. very vivid colors. your lucky you live somewhere where there is a lot of culture and it's very appealing to the eye.

looks like such a great day!

Anthony said...

It was a great day. Summer in the city. Vibrant and exciting.

The secret to the vibrant colors ... the "vivid" setting on the D40.