Monday, August 11, 2008

Ketching up

I'm still reveling a bit in the afterglow of a very nice day on Saturday, strolling the streets and snapping photos. Thanks for your kind words and for indulging me. Just one more bit of advice. If you're visiting our fair city (I don't know what that means) and you want a cheese steak because you've been told that you need to eat one if you visit, do yourself a favor. Stay away from anything that says "Philly Cheese Steaks" unless you're in the Reading Terminal Market or at Citizen's Bank Ballpark. Then, you can visit Rick's Steaks. His ancestors invented the thing and you'd be failing yourself as a human eating consumer if you didn't stop and indulge. Forget that nonsense you hear about Geno's and Pat's. They're carpetbaggers. Go downtown or to the ballpark and get a real cheese steak. Hear me now and believe me later.
Meanwhile, old John Edwards has admitted (kind of) to an affair with another woman. Shocked? Me neither. I'd be more shocked if I found out that one of these guys has been loyal to his wife for 25 years. Mostly, they're "do as I say and not as I do" types and we need to take it with the requisite grain of salt when they tell us about their ideals and hopes and dreams. Those take a back seat when it comes to extra-marital affairs. To my way of thinking, if it doesn't impair his ability to govern, it should be nobody's business.
I wish I had bought it, but I saw a book once that detailed presidential dalliances going back to George Washington. They all do it folks, and the sooner you get over it the better off you'll be. They're just glorified college kids who never got over the buzz of being a big shot.
I'm finding it odd that I can't give a damn about the Olympics. Michael Phelps - Michael Phelps - Michael Phelps. He swims. I get it. Mark Spitz is pissed because he wasn't invited to the games. Buy a ticket, dentist.
I'm still a bit taken aback (aback?) by the way the Internet (capital I) has gotten such a foothold in a society that still has blinking clocks and superstitious beliefs. Click this, Google that. We say those things and think nothing of it. I'm 50 and close to that hill we're supposed to be over and I find that it's a comfortable existence, yet there are others (including my 84-year old mother) who still pay their bills by money order and can't imagine having a cellular telephone. Odd, I say.
The Internet is like Kleenex now. It's a commodity, to the point that my local county is considering wireless WiFi (you have to know what WiFi is) because the Internet is a way of life and they consider it a utility like natural gas or telephone service.
Bravo I say, but I still wonder how it got to be so much so soon. 18 years ago, I had Prodigy Internet service, but I can't for the life of me figure out what I paid $9.95 a month for. Elementary chat rooms (where the Dave Matthews Band was a hot topic), lousy news coverage and something called e-mail. What good was e-mail if I was the only one who had it?
In less time than it takes to become a legal drinker, the Internet has taken our lives over to the point that we're surfing at work and people are getting fired for surfing at work.
I guess it's the same as the television revolution. When I was a kid in 1964, we had a color television. The rest of the neighborhood had black and white, and even though there were only a handful of color TV programs, we got to watch them. Thanks, dad.
It's all a matter of your perspective and place in history. How about a nice red pepper?


kimmyk said...

i always wondered if philly had the best cheese steaks. i love mine with banana peppers and lettuce and tomato. yum!

i'd tell you that if you came to ohio you'd have to get...and then i remember we are known for our nuts...buckeyes and well, they're not worth eating. UNLESS they are of the chocolate and peanut butter variety and then i would say eat up!!!

edwards is a douche. i find it hard to believe he didn't father that child, but who am i to throw sticks and stones. but still, did you hear where he said he didn't think anyone would notice? helloooo???!!! dumbass. as much as i dislike george w. i imagine he's been faithful to laura all these years. i think he has a core value system that he wouldn't have it any other way, you know what i mean?

not that edwards, clinton, washington didn't have values, just that...well, they probably were different of sorts. to make mistakes means your human i guess. but you know what? that creep edwards was droppin' his pants when his wife was diagnosed and dealing with cancer. what a fuck. ugh. that alone makes me dislike him.

i love those peppers. currently i am ADDICTED to orange and yellow and red bell peppers. i like eat 3 a day. no seriously i do. orange are my current fav. i think they're juicier and sweeter. but at 1.99 a pepper i gotta watch it. not a big fan of carrots though. optic nerves thank you for the pretty pictures.

Anthony said...

OK, here's the deal with the cheese steaks.
No peppers. No lettuce.

Whiz with.
Whiz without.

Pick one. it's either cheese whiz with onions or cheese whiz without onions. it's like the soup nazi around here.

Sparky Duck said...

The wife says you should check out the veggies in the Comcast center.

As for the Olynmpics, at least it is better than Big Brother

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

I remember Prodigy. Funny. In general I'm concerned about net neutrality in relation to the future of the internet.

Kate Michele said...

I've said it once ill say it again....its just sex people, mind ur business and get over it.

And might I just say I have never seen a pepper that


Anthony said...

kimmyk: I think the cancer angle is the biggest reason he's being vilified. Otherwise, it's another politician getting his winky wet.

k8tie: When you get right down to it, America is a puritanical place. We've been through sexual revolutions and all sorts of stuff on TV and in the movies yet, when it comes right down to it, we're prudes.

The differences in men's and women's sex drives is a major flaw in our design, I think.

kimmyk said...

i dont want no cheese whiz on my steak and cheese are you freakin kiddin me?

i want steak and onions and peppers (banana peppers too!) tomato and lettuce. oh and some hot sauce. and that white stringy cheese that when i pull my sammich apart i got a cheese string. you know what i mean?

that's a sammich right there.

now i'm hungry.

anna said...

Can I marry your camera??

Kate Michele said...

i think i have a mans sex drive... haha

Anthony said...

kimmyk: You have to come to Philly and have a cheese whiz steak. You don't know what you're missing. Your recipe ain't bad, but it ain't Philly.

anna: You can marry my camera, but I'm coming along. Not sure how that would sit with everybody involved. :)

k8: I'm at a loss. :)