Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's so hot, the trees are whistling for the dogs.

"55 miles before noon, huh? good for you. doesn't your ass hurt though? man, mine does after about the 15 minute marker. and i have a gel seat too!"
- Kimmyk
There is mine. What, you don't think it's a great seat? You can look hard, but you won't find an ounce of gel. It's the slit down the middle that makes is special. And if you think that's neat, you should see the shoes.
It's way too hot around here. On Monday, we'll be in our third day of 95-plus temperatures. The local news stations are having a field day, literally. They've sent reporters outside to tell us how hot it is, as though we can't stick our heads out the door and find out for ourselves. I know genius, it's hot outside. These are the same nitwits who send reporters out when it snows and remind us to stay inside and don't drive unless we have to. Now, they send reporters out and tell us that it's hot and make sure we take care of our pets and drink plenty of water because it's hot outside. They call it news.
Between that and the $3.90 gasoline around here, I'm seeing a lot of people driving around with their windows open, figuring that they're getting better gas mileage because they're not using the air conditioner. They're saving pennies and sweating, then waiting in line for ten minutes at the bank or fast food drive-thru window with their motor running.
You figure it out.


Kate Michele said...


ohio turnpike 4.20

the seat.... much sleeker than this ghetto booty i cart around. :D


Anthony said...

I saw $4.01 on Interstate 95 in Maryland on my way to the golf tournament. First time I'd seen over 4 dollars.
That's why I load up in NJ.

I'm driving to Connecticut on Saturday, and I don't think I can make it both ways on a tank, so I'll have to fork it over up there, I'm sure. It's probably closer to $4.20.

Some booty you don't want on a seat like that. Some need to be pampered.

kimmyk said...

that's two posts in a row you've quoted me.
it's almost like being in the newspaper.

i dont think i could put all *this* on a flat seat like that. and yeah, i see that lil' divide...if i aligned my crack with that about the great divide.

Firestarter5 said...

That's not a seat, that's a frisbee.

Sparky Duck said...

as long as your dumbass was not out at the Commerce Triple Crown

junior alien said...

For my last tankful I paid 130$ (82 Euros). Does that console you? I guess not.

Kate Michele said...