Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sometimes, there just ain't nothin'

And to prove it, here's a fascinating little anecdote about my day today.
I had lunch at this little pizza/sandwich shop in Glassboro that has great salads, too. I had my eye on the Antipasto salad, since I love anything that is "anti" anything else. There were two sizes - small and large. Since they are subjective terms, I had to ask, "How big is the small?", which I realize sounds odd, but I wasn't being graded on it, I was merely trying to order lunch.
The reply: "It's big. You can't finish the large." At that point, he made it clear to me that I should order the small. Small it is. I didn't finish it. It was like someone filled a trash can lid with salad and said, "This is small."
It struck me as odd that they would have something on the menu that you couldn't finish. Why have 'large' when 'small' is large? They should have made the 'small' a 'medium', and made a real 'small'. The whole process made me curious about the size of the 'large'. I'm not going back.
Meanwhile, the Tour de France (pronounced Tour day France) is returning to its formerly held status as a minor sporting event. After Lance Armstrong brought the bike race to its highest status a few years ago, the current crop of jackasses are proving that what goes up must come down. The French may hate Lance and all he represents, but if it weren't for him, their little bike race would have stayed little. Now, they are throwing riders out so fast that the only major competition left is whether the race will finish before they throw everyone out. Mercifully, it will be over on Sunday. As a rider, I am completely disgusted, but as a cynical sports fan, I am not at all surprised.
And this is exactly why my TV stays off until the evening. It's Morgan Pressel hanging out with some joker on the CBS Morning Show. The host clearly has no clue who she is or perhaps even who he is, but he trudges on. And, that's right, he said, "...she has a crazy impressive list of accomplishments." Crazy impressive. Who are these people and why are they on television? I love 'ya Morgan, but you're hanging around with some real clowns.


kimmyk said...

I don't understand why they have large salads that you have to take home knowing you're not going to eat a salad that already has dressing on it cause it's going to get soggy. Like at Applebee's. They have a full salad or a half salad. I've never gotten through the half salad...can't imagine trying to eat a large salad unless I had someone else to finish it.

What's an antipasto salad?

Anthony said...

I thought it would have pasta in it (most recipes do) but this one was ham, eggs, hot peppers, onions, pepperoni and of course lettuce. I had the lite Italian dressing, but it's probably better with vinegrette.
And, it was big.

Sparky Duck said...

and she has a wicked drive too. whatever that is.

your antipasto salad sounds like slacks hoagies. they list a regular and a large, but a large is good for like 3 people. I often wonder what the hell size they use for catering.

Anthony said...

When I go to Subway, I get the 12-inch sub and eat it for lunch AND dinner. But, yeah, the salad would have been rancid by the time I could have finished it. I hate throwing food away, but I had no choice.

While I admit to being something of a "lightweight" when it comes to portion size, that thing today was just too much. They could have shaved off a couple ounces and charged me less and I'd have been happy.

Buffets make a fortune off me. I like the idea of a lot of choices, but for the price, I could just as well order off the menu.

Ladyred said...

And for some reason people in this country have no clue why obesity is running rampant? The small sodas are like 20oz. 20 ounces??!!! That's not a fu*king small. When I was in Australia, the small was 8oz. People would die over here getting an 8oz soda.

When I get my Chinese food, I know it will last two to three days and I plan accordingly.