Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Another stupid thing your government does for your own good

The Nation - A recent study commissioned by Congress concluded that abstinence-only programs are completely ineffective in preventing or delaying teenagers from having sexual intercourse. Nor do they lower unwanted pregnancy rates or lessen the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
Given this reality, it's bad news that the federal government will waste $176 million on these programs in 2007 alone. "In short, American taxpayers appear to have paid over one billion federal dollars for programs that have no impact," said Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif), chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

This, as well as other such legislation designed to regulate morality demonstrate the ridiculous notion that government can dictate behavior by making a law or funding a program. The first one that comes to mind (other than this one) is the War on Drugs. These and other programs are what the late Rich Ashburn used to call "eyewash". A play on the general public that makes it appear as though the government is concerned about the things that people are supposed to be concerned about, when in reality, the money is being thrown down a giant moral black hole, disappearing faster than it is being collected. The public, however, sees it and believes that the money is being well-spent because, after all, government should not be in the business of condoning drug use or sexual promiscuity. What these programs do is make criminals and moral degenerates out of people who are merely seeking that which is built into their genes - sexual gratification and the ability to alter our conscious state at will.

It would be highly unpopular for one of the newly anointed political candidates to tell us the truth, that the money is wasted and would be better spent on some legitimate social program like feeding people or funding Social Security or ... God forbid ... lowering taxes, so they go along to get along, with the knowledge that if they opposed the War on Drugs or the age-old Just Say No program, that they would be seen as being soft on morality and as such, un-electable. Based on truth alone they would have my vote, but as we know, the masses are asses and they feed into this nonsense willingly.
Meanwhile, I can buy 100 Proof Southern Comfort next door to my home, but I can't find a joint without sneaking around. If I had to call three people, sit in a parking lot and look over my shoulder twice to get a six-pack of Sam Adams, I'd never drink again. However, the government sees fit to tax liquor, legislate its use and even make me a criminal if I decide to drive afterward, but if I get caught rolling a bone in Rittenhouse Square, my ass is going to jail.

So, our government pisses away a billion dollars and they will continue, because legislating morality is as old as immorality itself, and the first political candidate who comes out and says that he (or she) will no longer waste our money on useless programs may just find themselves to be the one who finally is telling us the truth...

... and the one looking for work as his career in politics is abruptly brought to an end.


rattln along said...

So based on your logic put forth in the post, murder should not be illegal either. Nor any immoral behaviors that currently fill up our prisons.

I think that we can not legislate morality but we should try otherwise we would have chaos in the streets.

I agree that the laws concerning drugs and alcohol are unfair but legalizing one b/c of the other makes no sense.

Anthony said...

Nope. I said, "...can dictate behavior by making a law or funding a program."

Murder is not part of the "logic put forth in the post". Don't project "chaos in the streets" based on the idea that alcohol, drugs and sex are primal instincts. You know better.

In context (a radical concept) funding a War on Drugs or a program of abstinence will not curtail the behavior, merely serve to make criminals or moral degenerates of the "violators".

Why do I feel the need to repeat myself?

rattln along said...

haha! you made my day. Thanks for the repeat!!

Sparky Duck said...

what hormones dont trump preachers and the government when it comes to sex?? Im shocked and dismayed.

Ladyred said...

You know, I just love Calvin and Hobbes......Oh and I love to use your snap stuff! I will eventually put it on mine. I know, this comment has nothing to do with the post LOL. Although people b*tch about the Republicans.....it's the Dems that are wanting to do away with this program.....I'm sorry but I can think of TONS of others that should go first!

I say just legalize it all--sex, drugs, fully automatics---then we'll hit rock bottom. I think that's what the US needs, to hit rock bottom. And an intervention. I'm feelin a little weird today.

Ladyred said...

Oh yea, Hitch was in the pianist's studio.

Anthony said...

I like the snap thingy too. For some reason, it doesn't work when I link back to one of my old blog posts.