Monday, July 24, 2006

Where's My Tarts?

Finally, the schmoes from American Idol visited our fair city. Faithful readers will no doubt remember my rant on the aptly named Pop Tarts Present American Idol. You remember, right? For some reason, the Wachovia Center was sold out for this thing. No accounting for taste. A great review appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer this morning. A few excerpts:
Throaty, bald Chris (no last names!) led his fellow boy-Idols through a calmly crooned take on Guns N' Roses' "Patience." Bonde's fireplug MC Marina Ribatski barked Portuguese rhymes to DJ Diplo's hyper-baile beats and rapid-fire G-N'-R samples when she wasn't spitting beer. What could the difference be, if not spittle.
And it got even better (worse?) when it came time for the Ford Motor Company's nearly-famous spazzy spokesman:
There wasn't much calm to Taylor. From running through the audience to a hokey "Jailhouse Rock" to his goofball dancing, he was a king of twitchiness. Mighty, no doubt, taking on a bluesy Beatles' "Don't Let Me Down." But odd then, how unfocused the husky singer sounded chattering through his m├ętier, the rolling rock of Bob Seger and the Doobie Brothers. Recount, anyone?
Beautiful. Well worth the sixty bucks, I'm sure. Nothing like "hokey", "goofball" and "spittle" to make an evening complete.
And to my Blog buddy Kate, who suspiciously claims that she has yet to see the spinning and pointing Ford ad, she (and you, if you dare) can view it here. I especially like the twirl at the end. PARENTAL WARNING: Contains pointing, seizures, spinning and screaming. Not suitable for parents of children under the age of 12.
A few reviews from cyberspace:
"Ford's incessant, you-can't-escape-it ad campaign with Taylor Hicks is Chinese water torture - you know it's coming, you just don't know exactly when."
"You may have seen one of these commercials already -- and if you have, we're sorry for you."
"It's being played to death. I bet no matter what channel I am watching during prime time TV, it is on at every commercial break. Anyone else about sick of it?"


Carmen said...

Those Idols annoy me. I tried to be in the music biz once, and I know a lot of talented people, and yet THESE people are on tour? Ick.

Kate Michele said...

Um ok wow!! I'm still in shock from watching that commercial!! That is for real the first time I ever saw it!! It was bad real bad!!

Oh and this might interest you a little.... Mr. Hicks is visiting with our president today in Washington, something tells me he'll fit right in!!

Anthony said...

You're right Carmen. Record stores are filled with CDs of lots of talented, unheard-of artists, yet we feel the need to create more celebrities with shows like Idol.
I don't get it, but people are watching. I guess they like to be spoon-fed rather than have to work a little?

Kate: Ya think Taylor can teach Georgie-boy to do that little spin move? I know he's already good at finger-pointing.

Pam said...

oh my!! I had not seen that commercial either. he's a bit spastic. Not sure how that relates to gas guzzling trucks though. unless the parallel is the amount of energy that is burned?

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