Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Power of the Media

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Meerkats actively teach their young how to catch and eat their prey, British researchers said in a study that is one of the first to prove that animals show such complex behavior. Meerkats are a type of mongoose and live in groups of three to 40 in dry regions of southern Africa. Each group includes a dominant male and female who produce 80 percent of the pups, and older animals that help to watch over and rear the young.
Three years ago, did any of us even know WTF a Meerkat was? If Meerkats were suddenly declared an endangered species, would any of us know if it was a bug, cat or a TV star? I haven't seen that "Meerkat Manor" show, but people tell me it's good.
Things creep up on us that have been around for years, but because of TV, we are suddenly drawn to them, and they gain popularity because of the attention. Lots of things happen that way: Sun-dried tomatoes, poker, choppers, Bo Bice, Republicans, Ann Coulter and even stuff that isn't on TV, like pomegranite juice. What am I missing? I can think of plenty of things that aren't popular now, but may be later, that I could capatalize on:
America Drives the Speed Limit - Contestants line up and challenge the 25mph residential speed limit. Hilarity ensues as the cops from the Cops TV show intervene and pull-over the 35-in-a-25 group.
Asparagus Challenge - Wolfgang Puck makes asparagus omlettes for a group of Weight-Watchers members to see how many can identify the vegetable.
The SoCo Show- Groups of single adults are fed Southern Comfort and cranberry juice for an hour until the match-making begins. They are judged by which of the less-attractive bond with the more-attractive.
That's My Democrat - A democrat is elected to a federal office and the nation watches as progress begins. Where will it end? A balanced budget, energy independence and free elections for starters.
Politeness Man - A group of consumers are set loose in a mall and the winner is the one who yields to the one walking the opposite way without bumping into them.
French Idol - Contestants take turns insulting a Frenchman and the winner is the one who can survive the ensuing head-butt. WARNING: Contains Soccer.
Tuesday Night Football - Division III colleges compete in gambing-only games. Viewers are only allowed to watch if they are gambling on the game. Tuesday, November 14th - Widener University vs. Elizabethtown.
23 - An investigative report highlighting a detective who works hard, but takes a nap for an hour.
Triangle of Fortune - Contestants try to spell words and spin a triangular-shaped wheel that stops in the same place every time, hopefully it isn't the BANKRUPT spot.
CSI: New Hope - Detectives try to find out what made people visiting New Hope, Pennsylvania refuse to buy expensive art without bartering with the shop owner. [Syndicated].
America Does Laundry - Contestants line-up to do my laundry. I don't care who wins.
There are hundreds of channels in need of programming. How else to explain dominoes and paintball on TV, so who could argue with The Laundry Channel?


Pam said...

OMG - HILARIOUS!! Did you come up with all of these yourself? You missed your calling. Forget press secretary, you need to do TV programming. Or stand up comedy.

Sad thing is many of your ideas are more exciting than what's on the tube now!

Anthony said...

Of course I did, and I miss a lot of things, Pam!

Right now, I'd be a big fan of the Laundry Channel. Almost anything is more exciting than dominoes.

Kate Michele said...

OOhhh and the big clifhanger for the laundry channel could be when a stray red rag gets into the load of whites..... Ooooo edge of seat programming!!

LOL...Too funny

kimmyk said...

Let me know how that whole Laundry Channel works cause if that flies..I think we can do something like "Kids who learn how to clean the bathroom" or somethin like that.

Loooovee the French Idol idea. I think that would definately fly.

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