Friday, July 14, 2006

Helping in My Own Little Way

The Internet is a wonderful and powerful thing, as anyone who has a My Space account knows. But even better than that, is the way we can use it to help others with problems they are facing in life, even if we don't know we're helping.
Two such incidents occurred a few days ago. A check of my Stat Counter (at the bottom of the screen) turned up a couple of unsuspecting souls who stumbled across the Sick blog purely by accident. As we know, Blogger is a Google subsidiary, so anything that gets "googled" gets back to our blogs. The poor souls were looking for a solution to a common household problem "how to kill thousand-legger insects in the home", when that ridiculous post from June 20 came up in the search, and offered no solution at all.
My Sick Mind: June 2006
For some reason, they elected to drive him home to St. Paul without testing him or charging him with ... "Thousand-legger" insects actually have 998 legs. - 145k - Cached - Similar pages
The interesting thing is, they both clicked on the link, so one wonders if they really needed to know all that junk. I don't know if they ever found out how to rid their homes of the dreaded millipedes, but somehow I think their lives were enriched far beyond the limited scope of their search.
If they managed to kill the bugs, I wonder if they turned them over and started counting?


kimmyk said...

You get people searching for ways to kill bugs....i find people looking for mother/son action.

Wanna trade google searchers?

Kate Michele said...

Hmmm Kinda wonder why anyone would be searching about bugs.... There are so many other, more interesting things to search!!! Course maybe that IS interesting to them..

Anonymous said...

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