Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Lady Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks

In cities across America, millions (?) of people gathered to protest the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. I suppose the center of the movement was women's rights and the idea that a mysoginist is now our President.  The movement is honorable, but leaves me with feelings that are probably going to make you hate me. So be it.

The protest marches were organized in cities.  In those cities, support for Hillary Clinton was big.  Basically, they brought together a bunch of like-minded voters to say, "We don't like this" to something that has already happened.  It's easy to organize people in areas where they have a common goal.  I get the feeling that they didn't think it was possible for Trump to be elected, so their anger is retroactive, when it should have been proactive.  The pre-election rallies were coronations of a sort, and few believed that America would vote for Donald Trump.

Well - it happened, and now we are supposed to say, "I hate you," but we already knew that.  So, we go out and march, and he is supposed to think that this movement somehow makes him doubt what he already believed:  That he was elected by a landslide.  It was not a landslide, and we know that.  In fact, the popular vote went for Hillary, but that popular vote was in places like the ones in which the marchers were organized.  If we could see marches in rural, southern towns or places where the maps were colored red, then I would tell you that there is a real movement going on here.  What we have is the literal example of preaching to the choir.

Donald Trump will ignore this, as he does everything that opposes him.  We have elected a mysoginistic egotist, and it will take more than a million people in blue states to make him change his mind over what he said that got him elected.  After all, it's what he said that got him elected.  Isn't that the point?

So, go ahead and march.  It's your Constitutional right.  You can be angry and feel displaced, but you let it happen.  You thought Hillary was a shoo-in, and you took it for granted.  Now that you know that middle America agrees with Donald's racist, jingoistic, and capitalist viewpoint, you are forced to deal with it.  That's difficult, I know.  You will spend a lot of time and energy being angry and defiant, marching, and organizing rallies for your cause.  That's nice, but the cause was lost in November.

Perhaps that is a defeatist attitude, or perhaps it is realism.  The next 4 years will decide that.  My guess is that Trump's policies will go forward (as it were) as he proclaimed and your protests will go unheeded.  You will lose most of what the last eight years gave you.

My guess is that Trump didn't watch the news, just as many of you didn't watch his inauguration.  You have to realize with whom you are dealing.
He is not your average bear.  Godspeed.

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