Thursday, December 5, 2013

Part One

"It's the holiday season" or "It's the holidays" go the pre-packaged responses to things posed to people between now and the end of the year.  I would call them excuses, but others see them as reasons that they cannot either process information or accomplish tasks - other than the requisite shopping.

We (you) burden ourselves with guilt-ridden gift-giving at Christmas.  The advertisements are filled with angst.  "Make this the perfect gift for the ones you care for."  "Tell them how much you love them with [fill-in the name of the item]."
We (you) are supposed to find the ideal item that will express your deepest emotions when you find it, wrap it with paper and place it under a symbol of Pagan seasonal worship at this, the holiest of holy seasons.

It's supposed to be a time of ... oh, I don't know, worship - gratitude - giving - you name it.  What it has become is a season of spending and financial sacrifice to prove that we love others.  Stores are open on Thanksgiving so that we can get a jump on those incredible "Door Buster" savings.  NOTE: I checked the stores on Saturday. Doors are intact.

Jewelry stores advertise rings and other such male-induced guilt-induced love spending.  Even auto-makers get in on the gimmick with so-called sales on cars.  I have yet to see a car with a giant bow on the roof on Christmas morning. I guess I don't live right.

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