Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Things We Humans Do.

There's something on my mind, and since the title of this blog suggests that I let it out - here it goes.
If you're offended by sensitive topics, click here to be sent someplace where your needs can be better met.  Otherwise, read on.
I wander around the Internet.  It's what the Internet is for - wandering.  I stumble upon things that perhaps I shouldn't stumble upon, but so ... It's the reason we have fingers and free will.  One of the things I have stumbled upon in my travels is a web site devoted to homosexual men and their experiences with other men.
One of the interesting activities they indulge in is using their tongue on another man's anus.  I am as liberal as the next guy, but the practice of licking another man's ass isn't something that remotely interests me.
The problem I  have with it is that I do not associate it with the idea that men can be sexually attracted to other men.  I know the phenomenon exists, and I can actually appreciate it, but the idea that one can put ones tongue on someone else's anus is a practice that I find neither sexually provocative or peculiar to any sexual preference.
There it is, in all its glory - a man with his tongue on another man's ass.  The problem is that I would not do that to a woman, and as a heterosexual, I do not find the practice remotely stimulating sexually.  What I do find it is repulsive, and regardless of ones sexual preference, I'd guess that others would, too.
So, how is it that homosexual men could engage in this and find it sexually stimulating?  It's part of the homosexual experience that I am intensely curious about.
Perhaps I will meet someone with whom I can discuss this practice and find my answers.  Until then, I wonder why it is considered sexual, let alone desirable.  Lick their fingers, toes, ears or other outer body parts.  The anus?  Not really appealing.
So, there.

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