Monday, June 10, 2013

Stronger than the ... what now?

New Jersey has been running TV and radio ads proclaiming victory over "Superstorm" Sandy.

Side note:  I'm not sure how this thing got to be called a "Superstorm."  I've studied meteorology and I've never run across the term Superstorm. It was a hurricane.  TV turned it into a Superstorm.

OK, now we've gotten that straight. Let's move on.

I've been listening to those "Stronger than the storm" ads for a while now, and I'm a little put off by them.  "How?" you ask.  It's like this:

First, you are not stronger than the storm.  The storm kicked your ass.
Second, the Jersey shore is all about the boardwalk, beach, rental properties, and commerce.  That's what the ad campaign is aimed at.  There's nothing about people - just implied images of how you should come back to the shore this summer and spend your money because the state spent the whole spring getting all their businesses back so that you had someplace to spend your vacation dollars.

That's a huge part of the deal down there.  If the summer is rainy or cool, they spend the fall bitching about how rainy and cool it was.  They bitch about jellyfish and rip tides too, and they're not stronger than the jellyfish either.

It's a swell marketing gimmick, but it is so crassly commercialized that it leaves me cold.  The ad reminds us that "our restaurants and attractions are open."  That's nice, but I wonder how many residents are still dealing with mold and water intrusion? 
I'd feel better about it if they were up front about their motives.  Instead, they feel like they have to put out some false bravado and proclaim something that isn't true.

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