Sunday, June 12, 2011

An open letter to men everywhere

There is a reason they're called "privates." Not the least of which is that most people don't want to see them, and the most of which is that nobody wants to see them. If we want to see them we know where to go and we know whom to ask, which is pretty much any guy. If you ask them, they will respond like the wind with a photo of their junk that will appear either in your e-mail inbox or on your cell phone.

The popular stories concern NFL quarterbacks and United States Congressmen sending unsolicited photos of their stuff to women in an attempt (one presumes) to woo them and/or make the women think that they are missing out on something great by not hooking up with the guys.

Almost nothing could be further from the truth. Here is the big secret guys: Women do not nor do they wish to see anything you normally keep in your pants out of view from the general public. I wish I didn't have to be the one to tell you this, but you need to hear it from somebody.

Every day I see guys in the gym doing endless biceps curls or some sort of upper body exercise that they think will entice women to approach them and ask how they got to be that way. What they fail to realize is that women (and some men) often refer to guys on the beach as "chicken legs" but almost never refer to them as "chicken arms" or chicken - other body part. That's where the disconnect starts.

Guys think that women think like they do, which is to say that they think with their privates and that some random body part affects their thinking. The thing that guys fail to realize is that women do not send photos of their privates to guys at random because women realize that they are called privates for a reason.

I'd guess that the reason guys behave like that is twofold. One - they don't know any other way to behave and Two - they think like the kid who sells lemonade for ten dollars a glass: All I have to do is sell one. If they can entice one woman who might fall for an e-mailed photo to return their call they have succeeded. Their fault lies in the millions of others who will find it offensive.

Men fail to realize that their privates are the least attractive area of their bodies. It's because they can't express their thoughts or innermost feelings. That isn't a fault of technology as much as it is a fault with the way men are made and taught to behave. I don't have time to explain that, so let's move on.

Realize (men) that the Internet and your cell phone are permanent residents of your actions. You can't take it back or recant it. The technology is more advanced than your brain and when you act on some impulse, you should know that the impulse is going to be part of your permanent record.

You should remember that warning from your days in grammar school, which sadly, many of you have yet to outgrow.

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