Friday, April 29, 2011

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"This ain't England. We threw England out of here a long time ago. We don't want no more parts of England."
- Archie Bunker, circa 1971
A lot has changed since that All in the Family episode aired. A lot. For instance, I didn't use the full quote which included a term for homosexuals that could get me placed on administrative leave. Nor did I place it in its full context, in which Archie argued that the English way of life was ... well, leaning toward homosexuality.
What is interesting about the relationship between America and England is that we (Americans) somehow feel a link or kinship with Great Britian. Some of it stems from the music "invasion" of the early 1960s. Some of it has to do with the fact that we speak a similar language. That's important to Americans.
Otherwise, we really shouldn't be so interested in England, since we did actually throw them out of here, Archie's viewpoint notwithstanding. We annexed ourselves from their Monarchy "a long time ago" and at that time, our relationship with them should have been severed.
But no.
Every time something interesting happens over there, we get all moist. Like Wimbledon (which we still don't know how to pronounce), Princess Diana's death and these Royal weddings.

The talk has dominated media for a week. As for me, being a heterosexual American male, I have managed quite well without it. It's difficult though, since the media saturation makes it almost impossible to ignore. Media outlets like sports talk radio and general news shows have included it in their programming, presumably to draw in the women and ... homosexuals in their audience.

We're supposedly fascinated by the romantic aspect of it, but the romance is lost on me. The groom's family owns one-sixth of the Earth's land mass and the bride's family are self-made millionaires. I'm not sure where the Cinderella factor plays into this. People meet and marry in their own social strata, and seldom if ever stray from it. Those Prince and the Pauper stories are the stuff of bedtime stories, and you're better off getting those notions out of your head.

Sometimes, things are foist upon us because a small, vocal segment of the population (Read: Women Yenta's who watch morning television) is interested. That's usually all it takes for TV to get involved. Meanwhile, things that are interesting to single heterosexual men (like pornography and women kissing) go virtually unreported.

It just ain't right.

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