Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The story of Charlie and the eight dollar hooker.

I read somewhere that Charlie Sheen is a workaholic. I now realize that I must have mis-read it. It's not workahol to which he is addicted.
We use those sorts of words ... chocoholic, shopoholic -- as though they are what they say they are. Those are colloquialisms, and they become part of our speech even though they are patently incorrect, usage-wise. Words like irregardless and some others that people say without thinking about. There is no such thing as chocohol or shopohol. Those are just people who like chocolate and shopping.
Anyway, that Charlie guy is in a pickle, ain't he? Unless, of course, you don't consider taking a $1.8 million per episode paycheck, spending $26,000 on a hooker and winding up in rehab being in a pickle. For some perspective, that's like someone who makes $500 a week spending $7.20 on something. Not only wouldn't you notice it, but whatever you spent it on wouldn't land you in rehab.
It's the sort of thing that inspires great sayings like money being the root of all evil. Speaking of colloquialisms, it's wrong too. It's the love of money that is the root of all evil, not the money itself. Money is great, right? Having lots of it to spend on hookers and cocaine is a wonderful thing, and not evil at all.
So now, Charlie is in the hospital (we're supposed to think that rehab is a hospital) and they have put his expensive TV show on hiatus, thereby taking away his $1.8 million per episode stipend. Two and a Half Men is a pretty popular show, even though now, the kid is so old it should be Three Men, which is maybe why they've put it on hiatus.
Funny thing about the $26,000 ... He paid the hooker with a check. When she took it to the bank, they called Charlie to verify that he wrote the check. Apparently, he wasn't sober enough to say "no, I did not," and they paid the chick's check. That alone should have been enough to put him in rehab.
Besides, I don't have any idea where I could find a hooker for less than eight bucks. And if I could, I'm sure it would land me in a hospital, and not a rehab one.
That's all I have to say about that.

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Kcoz said...

So what if Charlie Sheen blows all his money on hookers and coke, it doesn’t appear that he is hurting anyone beside himself, with the bad press. But as they say in the movie industry, even bad press is better than no press at all. I don’t think he is an addict in the real sense, don’t think he would rob a store or rape a hooker if he had no money for such vices, as you have said, it is the cash that gives him such freedom to indulge.

So go ahead Charlie and Have a good time, snort your brains out, or maybe the next hooker will stab you instead of taking your wallet…there will be another to take your place in the trade, just ask the Belushi family.

BTW…I meet John Belushi’s mother a few years after he died, she was working as a real estate sales person. Not sure if she needed the money or just did it to occupy her mind.