Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Do we only care because it's on TV?

I just saw an ad for a new TV show with Melissa Rivers. The plot line involves her mom Joan moving in. I'd tell you what time and channel it's on, but I couldn't concentrate on the ad because Joan's face is so freakishly disfigured from plastic surgery that I couldn't concentrate. You'd think that someone with her money could have afforded to get the best doctors and avoid looking like a cartoon character. She said a couple of sentences, but I couldn't understand because her face doesn't move when she speaks. Maybe that's the point of the show - a kind of "scared straight" look at cosmetic surgery? That's what I'm getting out of it so far.
Meanwhile, Oprah made what she called a "major announcement" on her TV show. She revealed that she has a half-sister. The first thing I thought of was the tremendous ego on somebody who thinks that the world cares enough that she has a half-sister that she would structure an entire hour-long TV show about it. What is frightening is that people do care. I don't have the education or time to attempt to explain that.
Her half-sister undertook the arduous task of tracking down her history and contacting Oprah privately, and said "family business needs to be handled by family."
Until, of course, you can make it into a television show.


Cliff Yankovich said...

One more wierd component of the Joan Rivers thing is that IMHO she was good looking before the made her so freaky. I watched some of her HBO special (her face really distracted me) and there was a telling moment when she said something to the effect that "No man has ever told me I look beautiful.". Yipes -
More ironic is that she gets (got)paid to criticize ladies fashion (or lack of it) on the red carpet.
As far as Oprah is concerned - man, I was checking MY family tree hoping that I was her half-sister too!

Kcoz said...

I have never watched a full Oprah show, tried to watch it when she just began years and years ago but the subjects of the shows were just to dumb. I was never one to watch much TV but when work was slow in the wintertime I’d watch some daytime TV, mostly Donahue. I couldn’t believe they canceled his show in favor of Oprah since he covered important subjects. Since Oprah’s ratings are mostly women I guess that sheds light on their interests.

A Donahue show about corruption in government…not important, to complicated!
An Oprah show about how to cheat on your husband and not get caught…important!