Friday, October 1, 2010

Stupid is as stupid does, and other things.

Impressionable utes weren't the only ones watching when Cincinnati Reds owner Bob Castellini (right) passed out victory cigars and then lit up after his team clinched the NL Central title at Great American Ball Park on Tuesday. Also watching at home on television were at least five whistle-blowers who noted that the Reds were violating Ohio's indoor-smoking ban. They called Cincinnati's health department to report the team and now the Cincinnati Enquirer reports the club is under investigation.

So, apparently ice cream isn't the only thing that watchdog groups are after. Now, they're making the world safe from enjoyment. If they are caught by Ohio health inspectors, the Reds could be fined $100. That'll teach them.

Meanwhile, every once in a while one of these "America's ... something" lists comes up. America's Fattest Cities, America's Most Attractive People or some such nonsense, leading us to believe that America's population is so segregated that the popular or beautiful people congregate in one spot. Now, we're discovering America's Smartest Cities. Really.

As though smart people seek out other smart people and tend to congregate. As it is with those "Most Beautiful" lists, it's hard to believe that one city has smarter people than another. Especially when you consider which city the list chose as having the smartest, even though it isn't really a city ...

Washington, D.C. What the people who put the list together failed to realize is that having a college degree does not necessarily make one intelligent, or know that Washington isn't a city. That makes the people who made up the list among the least intelligent list-makers in America.

My list would be, "America's Most Intelligent Blog Readers" and list each of you ... just because you keep reading.

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Kcoz said...

Ya got me, if Washington, D.C. is not a City than what is it? I know it is located in the Federal District of Columbia so our Capital would not fall under any one states jurisdiction, but I’m sure it still qualifies as a US City.

As for the smoking in the locker room thingy…I think that meets the criteria under the category of “Why can they do it if I can’t”…similar too other such arguments like, “Why can cops drive around drunk and we can’t”
I agree this is overkill for this onetime event but the fact of the matter is people are tired of being told what to do, only to have that rule broken by the same people who authorized it…and that is probably at the heart of this complaint.

As for smart cities and degrees…as you said, a degree does not necessarily make someone smart and we have Thomas Edison as proof, amongst many others. As you know an IQ test has several categories, Math, History, English…ect. But the absolute best category to test ones intelligents is the Spatial category as it involves critical thinking and logic... So how many of the smart D.C. people with degrees scored high in Spatial IQ? I'll bet not many.

Good post, it gave me something to think about before I commented,