Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tommy, can you see me?

If you can't go to the DMV to people-watch, the second best place is your local doctor's office. Mom was having laser eye surgery today and yours truly was in charge of transportation. In the office, there was a sign posted that read: TURN YOUR CELL PHONES OFF UPON ENTERING THE OFFICE. IF YOU NEED TO MAKE A CALL, PLEASE USE THE HALLWAY. It might have said "Thank You" after that, but I don't remember. Either way, you'd figure that middle-America would get the point.
But we haven't progressed far enough as a society that we know how to deal with the cellular telephone - hence the laws prohibiting texting while driving (duh) and the several verbal warnings about its use in public. A few minutes after I sat down, an elderly woman with a phone sat down two chairs away and picked her phone out of her handbag. Dialing, she said to her counterpart, "Talk to me," as though the other person was expecting her call and those of us in the audience couldn't wait to hear what she had to say. It wasn't all that interesting.
An agonizing minute after she started talking, a nurse came out to request her presence in the examination room. "OK, I have to go see the doctor now. I'll call you back," she told her friend. No kidding. Why else are you there if not to see the doctor? Let me check the sign again. Nope, still no cell phones allowed. Never mind, that rule wasn't made for you.
Go see the doctor. Chances are, your eyes are OK, even though it's apparent you cannot read. But your hearing is fine.

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