Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What channel is TV Azteca?

In stark contrast to yesterday's post about walruses in Alaska, we now turn our attention to foxes in New York.
Inés Sainz of the Mexican television network TV Azteca, claimed that she was harassed by players and coaches in practice and in the team's locker room last Saturday. From the New York Times:
The New York Post reported that during drills, Dennis Thurman, the team's defensive backs coach, purposely overthrew passes that landed near Sainz on the sideline. The Post also reported that linebacker Jason Taylor volunteered to join the defensive backs. Players also reportedly made sexually suggestive comments in the locker room after practice.
"I die of embarrassment!" Sainz wrote in Spanish on her Twitter account. "I am in the locker room of the Jets waiting for Mark Sanchez while trying not to look to anywhere!"
Really. She die of embarrassment. Tweeting from the great beyond. You'd think a reporter would be more careful with the language. By the way, it's interesting to me how many news stories start with a reference to someone's Twitter or Facebook page. Investigative journalism is now confined to sitting in a room and surfing the web.
I suppose we'll never get over our repressed sexual feelings. Men, when they get within 3 feet of a woman, start to act differently and talk differently. They don't act that way when the woman isn't very attractive, and it's interesting that TV Azteca would ignore centuries of inherited behavior and throw Ines into the breach. And equally as interesting that Ines would choose to ignore it to, by dressing provocatively in front of sweaty athletes. Maybe they thought she was a secretary.
Speaking of which, before yesterday, did you know who Ines Sainz was? Of course not. She's such a non-factor that when you search her name in Wikipedia, it redirects to TV Azteca. Check back tomorrow, I'm sure there will be a full page with her complete employment history - as soon as somebody figures out what that was.
So maybe ... just maybe ... she knew what she was doing? Of course, that doesn't excuse the boorish behavior of the children who populate the Jets' locker room. I guess acting like a bunch of kids is part of the NFL experience.
Is it necessary for her to go into the locker room? Men coach a lot of women's sports and I would guess that they don't get to go into the locker room until they get the "all clear" from some female assistant. I'd guess the same thing holds true for male reporters covering women's sports. If I had to guess, I'd say there is a double-standard going on, since women are not supposed to be the sexual deviates that men are. That's why I particularly enjoy the news stories where a female teacher has sex with a male student. I like to see balance.
The other thing I enjoy is when athletes engage in some heinous behavior and we are supposed to believe that they are somehow above all that. They're a bunch of mesomorphs who happen to be able to play sports at a high level. They don't have advanced degrees or years of training in some higher discipline. God knows what they'd be doing if they couldn't catch a football or run really fast. They're just dopey guys. Stop asking them to act like you act.
So, here we have a group of football players (some of whom are college graduates) who find that the best course of behavior when confronted with an attractive woman is to hurl footballs at her and make sexual remarks. Welcome to the fifth grade.
And welcome to the world of instant Internet fame, Ines. Your fifteen minutes are starting now.


Kcoz said...

I think she knew exactly what she was doing as this could not have been the first time she experienced such behavior from the opposite sex…and probably some from the same sex as well. And dating a football player was not in her plans, exposure to the men (or women) that can enhance her career was…and she got it. I expect to see her on some execs arm soon, like Donald Trump or some major network exec, probably have her own news show too.

I have had the opportunity to date my share of drop dead gorgeous women in my day and I can tell you this, they DO dress in a way to draw attention to themselves intentionally, and they love it…but only from the ones they feel are worthy and expect the others to cover their eyes and walk away in shame. I have never understood this thought process and think it has more to do with our culture of worship the beautiful and to hell with the rest…thanks to TV and magazines.

As for catcalls, I think they come from some primal mating instinct that is not limited to the male species as I myself have received them in my younger days when working construction along side a busy road, car honks and hoots…and I can assure you they were not from guys. And there are times when women enjoy receiving them…or need them.
TRUE STORY: One day several of my fellow construction workers and I were have lunch at a fast food restaurant when an attractive secretary type woman walks in and right past our table…Yep, we gave her our vote of best looking girl of the day with a few whistles and hoots, than went back to eating. (don’t ask me why, it is pretty much mandatory that you have a good catcall if you want to work in the construction trade)
Anyway, after this girl got her food and was leaving she walks right up to our table and thanks us, than said. “I was having such a bad day and you guys made me feel really good.” Than she walked away and left…we were speechless! No one followed her out or tried to take things further, we continued to finish our lunch, but we did feel pretty good that we made her day as we assumed that she was probably recently dumped by her boyfriend or something like that.

So my analysis on catcalls are this;

They are a primal instinct to gain the attention of a possible mate and let them know they have your attention.

Males are more likely to do this when in a group and not so much when alone.
Females are more likely to do this when alone and not so much when in a group.

Females do enjoy receiving them but there are stipulations as to when, and who is giving them.
Males really don’t care much for who or when, or if they receive them at all…they just don’t care that much about them.


Anthony said...

I agree that women don't mind much, as long as the comments aren't obscene or profane. They're generally so self-conscious about their apperance that any reassurance is good.

As for Ines, I just found out that she's a former Miss Spain and had an incident with Terrell Owens at the 2007 Super Bowl. Also, TV Azteca reporter Ines Gomez-Mont (are they all named Ines?) showed up on media day in a wedding dress and asked Tom Brady to marry her. Brady rejected and later got a better offer.
Anyway, I'd suspect that TV Azteca sanctions such behavior and is enjoying the temporary spotlight.