Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Anniversary

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The son of a pastor who suspended plans to burn copies of the Quran to mark the 9/11 anniversary says Islam's holiest text will not be torched at their Florida church Saturday. Luke Jones, the son of the Rev. Terry Jones, told reporters Friday that the event will not take place Saturday. But he says he can't speak about whether there will be a future event.

The pastor called off the Quran-burning event after claiming he had commitments from Muslim leaders that a mosque would not be built near ground zero in New York. When that was met with denials, the minister said the burning event was suspended.

If any of you are ever in doubt as to whose God is the right God, give Reverend Jones or his son a call and they'll set you straight. They'll even hand you a match so you can burn the other religious texts that may be infesting your bookshelf. No point in wasting space on books that describe Gods that aren't the right God. We always want to be right, and nobody is more right than Americans and their God. And don't even try to burn a Bible, you heathens.

It's nice to know that some people's idea of what should take place in a church is the desecration of others' religious beliefs. That's why I have so big a problem with organized religion. They organize things like this. I can organize things myself, and I do not need to be led. Most of the problem with being led is that there is a pretty good chance that the person leading you will turn out to be a rotten human being.

And (your) God forbid somebody builds a mosque near the sacred site of what we call Ground Zero. We take our sacred grounds seriously, and we'll go as far to burn your religious guidebook in protest to your defacing our sacred ground with your place of worship. I guess those people would be happier if a Starbucks went up there or [ahem] another giant office building.

It's great that Americans have the freedom of religion. Just as long as you follow the right one. And we'll be happy to tell you which one it is. Just ask somebody and they'll tell you. But don't be surprised when you get about a hundred different answers.

Are any of them right?


Kcoz said...

I think you should organize a burning of all religious books, since one would not want to show favoritism…

…I look forward to seeing you on CNN

Anthony said...

I'm not attractive enough to be on CNN.

I'm not interested in organizing anything or burning anything. Mostly, I'm not willing to be led around by people. Most of them aren't worthy of watching cats and dogs, let alone people in a church. I don't know where hate and violence fit in with religion.

Kcoz said...

I was being sarcastic about organizing a book burning, but I do now wonder what would happen if people began to protest the religions in the same way they protest others. Hold them accountable every time one of their radicals harms another in the name of their deity… They do have a legacy of producing psychopathic serial killers and mass murders.

Here are just a few;

David Koresh
Jim Jones
Charley Manson
Adolph Hitler
The Klu-Klux-Klan
The Inquisition
The Crusades…it goes on and on

As for the hate and violence, it is always directed at others who do not belong to their cult and help to make their leaders wealthy…That’s the bottom line, it is always about the money, and if dehumanizing another cult added to their wealth and power and people died…so be it.

The European witch-hunts are a perfect example. The law was written (by the church) so the accuser would obtain all of the accused’s wealth and property upon conviction. And it was the church that went around accusing non-Christians than torturing them into a confession…to gain their property. Just look at the hurdles an accused would have to pass to prove they were not a witch…always an impossible feat.


Cliff Yankovich said...

Good points. I was a bit alarmed at the good Reverend (or what ever he calls himself) and then I read his is in charge of a church with 50 members - I was thinking he was in charge of some Super Church with thousands of people. Ha! Just another example of how hungry the media is for ANY kind of a story - especially one that promoted division and animosity. He has a dinky little church - we should have ignored him. Instead he has the freakin' President and others imploring him to change his plans.
Oh well, we live in a time when some asshat who storms out the emergency exit of a plane while quiting his job will probably have his own "reality" show and a book deal, etc etc any minute now.
Reverend Jones is a sorry ass example of Christianity just as the jihadists are sorry ass reps of Islam.
Oh - IDEA - why not put Rev Jones and his flock in a Battle To The Death against an equal number of Jihaddis. Then we could see who had the Most BadAss God! Pay Per View revenue would be off the charts......t-shirt sales, bracelets, DVD's....