Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I weep for our Republic.

Our nation is, of course, a Republic and not a Democracy as we hear so often. Nevertheless, it doesn't stop those Tea Party folk from posting junk designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator - which is odd, considering that they are part of the fraction. Sometimes a mirror is a useful tool.

A local Minnesota Republican Party operative yesterday waded into one of the signature political issues of our time: "Who's hotter — Republican women or Democratic women?"
The Senate District 56 GOP Party posted a Web video yesterday laying out its position on the hotness question. It leads with images of prominent Republicans such as Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, and Michele Bachmann; the soundtrack, naturally, is the Tom Jones chestnut, "She's a Lady."

So that's how it is now. Beauty pageants are deciding whom is the best candidate for public office. That's the part I weep about. Not to mention, the fact that the local Republican party cannot spell.

To wit:
OUR MISSION: "Senate District 56 Republians [sic] exist to promote our Republican principals [sic], to help elect Republician's [sic] to the various offices which represent our area and reflect our beliefs. We in the district support each other and our neighbors to have government enable us to succeed, and not us enabling government to grow."

My guess is
that the local Republicans in Minnesota don't know what sic means. It means you can't spell. It's great that they have a mission, but pathetic that they can't describe it.

This, in a nutshell (pun) is what scares me about the upcoming November elections. The Republicans (who I choose to spell Repugnicans) will choose to market form over substance, and the general public (who I choose to discount as non-thinking) will buy it hook, line and (pun) sinker. What might happen is as frightening as any novel Steven King has ever published.

So, go ahead and vote for the candidate that gives you a chubby or makes you feel like you'd like to sit down and drink a beer with. Chances are, they wouldn't want anything to do with you, and if you really knew these people you wouldn't want anything to do with them either. It's just pathetic the way marketing and selling images turns people into celebrities. I don't have enough space to describe my disdain for that practice.

Suffice it to say that what you see is what you will get.

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