Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back in business. Did you miss me?

After losing my Internet connection due to a bad phone line, I am finally back on the air. Since the good folks at Verizon were going to take 4 days to dispatch a repairman to my home to fix my line, I shitcanned them. Subsequently, I signed up with Clear, but had some problems hooking up the air card to my PC. A quick fix and a few swear words and I'm back on the air. Soon, I'll be mobile-blogging, once my new laptop comes from the gang at Dell who, I'm sure, are busily building it as I type because they know how important it is to me.
Anyway ... what did I miss?
Oh yeah, that oil spill in the Gulf is almost gone - to hear the people at BP tell it, anyway. What happened to the oil? Most of it evaporated, they say. Here's a little experiment you can try in your backyard. Open a quart of oil and leave it on your back porch. Tell me how long it takes for a quart to disappear into the atmosphere. While you're at it, throw in a few shrimp and some fish just to spice it up a little.
I'll think of something better, I promise. Mostly, I've been enjoying the break - much like a cigarette smoker who doesn't realize that his habit is ruining his life, only to find that stopping might have been the best thing he ever did.
Until he has his next cigarette, of course.


Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Welcome back. I think all that oil is "gone" because it "dispersed" into the deeper water column. Thanks to the toxic dispersant they put out. It may not be visible from the air but it's in there somewhere and most likely in the gills, flesh and circulatory system of the marine life. Thanks Beyond Pricks (BP)!!

me said...

YES, you WERE missed!! Welcome back

Cliff Yankovich said...

I heard on the radio (NPR no less) that we don't have to worry about the seafood from that area either. Isn't that just great news? Millions of gallons of oil combined with untold gallons of chemicals with no harm done.
Man, what a relief!

Kcoz said...

Welcome back, I was beginning to think you went the same way as firestarter. No the oil is not gone, like others have said it is now broken up into smaller elements and spread out over a wider area…along with the dispersants. You will read of new cancers developing in peoples all along the Gulf for years and years to come…they my-as-well all start smoking cigarettes now, and drinking antifreeze.

Now that your back I’ll admit I’m disappointed with you post, I thought you would at least give mention the guy who let that fly ball hit his girlfriend in the head…ya think he got laid that night??

And what about that Jet Blue guy? I can’t think of a better, more theatrical way to say “FU*K YOU ! I QUIT !!” as he chugs a beer on the way down… LOL
At least he didn’t go postal and shoot up the plane.