Monday, June 14, 2010

We are what we buy.

There is a new VISA commercial with a huge tie-in to Disney's "Toy Story" movie, complete with requisite Disney VISA card. In the ad, a group of the Toy Story gang are running around a store. Buzz Lightyear's action figure is selected by a kid and the happy character watches the kid embrace the toy Lightyear. Throughout the ad, it's tough to tell whether it's an ad for Disney or VISA. I suppose that's the point of cross-marketing.
The thing that struck me as I watched the ad was, why do we get so upset when advertising targets kids the way they do with other products; but we don't say anything when kids are used to sell a product. A happy kid with a toy is a happy kid, even though it winds up costing the parent a hefty 22% service charge. Just don't target fatty foods to kids by marketing Happy Meals. We have determined that to be bad.

I'm seeing more ads than usual for Father's Day this year. Maybe I missed something, but suddenly, the gifts that they are peddling are upscale electronics that would cost the kids between $500 and $1,000. Stuff like LCD televisions, iPad's, laptop computers, gaming consoles and other gadgets that the folks at Best Buy or Radio Shack would be happy to sell you - for dear old dad. It's nice to know that the Father's Day people have stepped up their marketing campaign to equal that of the Mother's Day holiday. The prime message is: Love has a dollar value. But how to pay for it all?

Don't forget to use your Disney VISA card.

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Spencer Troxell said...

ha ha. We're hopeless.