Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shameless self-promotion.

I was interviewed via e-mail (my favorite kind of interview because I don't have to speak) by a web site called Blog A fitting name for a blog interview web site. They claim to be devoted to discovering the most interesting bloggers on the Internet and their reasons for sharing their thoughts with the world. I admit to being interesting, but I'm bad at self-promotion. I have no idea how or why they picked me, but after some soul-searching and scraping about for reasons that they could possibly be scamming me, I submitted an interview.
There's a link on my sidebar to my interview and a place where you can vote for my blog. According to their e-mail: At the end of May we'll be giving away over $1,000 in prizes to the top 15 rated bloggers for the month. To vote you and your readers must come to the blog interview and click on the "Vote Now" button. The top rated blogs are also showcased on the sidebar of the site for everyone to see.
I'm don't know if it's a dollar to 1,000 blogs or something more substantial to 8 or 10, but I suppose the only way to find out is to garner enough votes to put me there. As of today, something called Organized Doodles and The CrazyRev Page are picking up support, so you can be your own judge. I feel a little creepy asking you to vote, since I'm not one for contests and organized competitions. But since I'm not sure how organized this competition is or exactly what the prizes are, I figure "what the Hell."
Anyway, I've noticed that I'm picking up followers. There are 25 of you who receive e-mail updates when I write something new. That's amazing to me, since I don't know 25 people in real life who could sit still to listen to what I say, let alone people who take the time to read this stuff. It's strange to see the numbers growing over the past few months, and I hope that you're enjoying what I'm writing.
So go ahead and vote. Let's see if I can get enough votes to win a prize that would support a drinking problem that helps to create a lot of the interesting content you read every day.
It's a win-win.


Kcoz said...

Click...there you go, I just voted.
I'm the number six vote and it was painless...well worth watching you get run down and tasered on the ball field.

Later...and good luck!

me said...

I'll vote 4 sure