Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Get your moon out of my house!

From your career path to your amorous adventures to just life in general, takes a good, long look at what the stars have in store for you this year! Click on your Sun sign to get started with your 2010 Yearly Overview, and then check out the stellar insights into Your Career in 2010 and Your Romantic Life in 2010.
Woo hoo!
It's nearly 2010, and at least one yearly horoscope is doing the look-ahead to see what's in store for people who were born during some Sun cycle or moon phase or whatever nonsense horoscopes are based on. They are based on something, right?
I find it fascinating that the date my parents copulated could have such an influence on who I am, and even more fascinating that some people swear by this junk.
Curiously, with this being the 21st century, people still rely on this to the point that newspapers run horoscopes every day, and I suspect that if they stopped doing it, they'd receive angry letters from people who would otherwise have no clue as to how to carry on with their lives. Perhaps horoscopes aren't so much predicting the future as they are dictating behavior, which would make them more of a self-fulfilling prophecy than an actual fortune. As for me:
If you find yourself looking for love, much of the year will bring newfound attention. Mars in your House of Love Received will bring surprising attention from both new players and those who may have not expressed an interest before. If you are seeking a mate, this is good news. If you already have one, this could be good news or it could just be awkward.
Wow - how perceptive ... and vague. My house really isn't big enough for Mars, so I guess I'm going to have to find a bigger place. Pluto maybe, but Mars? Not so much. And don't even ask me where my "House of Love Received" is. I know where the House of Love Rejected is. And aren't "new players" and "those who may not have expressed an interest" the same people?
As far as actual cash on hand, although it isn't likely there will be any windfalls or lottery wins, there will be a distinct sense of improvement developing gradually over time. June through August will show some distinct improvements.
Damn, no lottery wins. How interesting that the date I was born would dictate the likelihood of winning a ten million-to-one game of chance. I'm screwed.
There are a lot of superstitions and odd belief systems at work, and I would have thought that people would have given up on horoscopes a long time ago. There is never anything really negative, like "watch out, because you're getting too fat" or "check your cholesterol because your House of Pancakes is over Uranus."
They are always vague predictions of things that could happen to anyone regardless of when you were born. But people must be reading them because other people keep writing them.
Libra's are skeptical.


susan said...

Ah, hello Libra.

Maybe the lottery was finding a good cat after you lost a very good cat.

It's kinda fun reading your horoscope. And as for parents.. well, I was concieved on New Years Eve. Kinda cool.....yeah, right....

Happy New Year Anthony and Thor.

Anthony said...

Yeah, Thor was kind of a lottery pick. Either I'm training him or he's training me, but it seems to be working out.

u-know-who said... horoscope is pretty sad, no matter how MANY times i turn that dag gone wheel... oh well, it could be worse, i could be sitting at my DESK at WORK at this unGodly hour... lol... hope you're having a great new year...