Thursday, September 10, 2009

I was born during the day, but not yesterday.

After Sears posted a surprise quarterly loss, a Barron's report on August 24 stated the stock could fall another 50%. Sears Holding Corp. CEO Lampert shot back with a letter claiming the article was "inaccurate" and "biased."
Jeff Matthews of hedge fund RAM Partners says facts are facts: Shopping at Sears remains a lackluster experience, five years after Lampert bought the company and merged it with Kmart. "They've totally lost touch with the American consumer," says Matthews, who has no position in Sears stock.
Ooops. Among others who might be surprised at the downfall of Sears/K-Mart is TV loudmouth Jim Cramer, who told his viewers that Sears Holdings would be the "next Berkshire-Hathaway" and advised them (us) to invest in the stock about a year ago. Fortunately for me, I have neither the money nor the respect for Cramer to listen to his screaming.
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner, host to an ever-changing coterie of scantily-clad young women at the Playboy Mansion, has filed for divorce from the estranged wife who many people forgot he had ever married.
Hefner, 83, filed court documents last week seeking to end his marriage to former Playmate Kimberley Conrad, 47, citing irreconcilable differences.
Sure, like the difference that you might be her grandfather. Seriously. Could we think (if we thought) that a woman almost 40 years younger than a guy would marry him for anything other than his vast fortune? If that were the case, I'd be looking for 20-year old's. Shame for them I don't have fifty cents to rub together.
Though President Obama has formally accepted the apology of Joe "You lie!" Wilson, the fallout from the emotional outburst continues to ripple across the nation, even raising doubts about the Republican congressman's political future.
Ninety minutes after Obama finished his address, the South Carolina representative - who yelled out "You lie!" after the president said he had never proposed providing coverage to illegal immigrants - issued a statement explaining he "let my emotions get the best of me." According to the congressman's office, Wilson also made a personal phone call to the White House in hopes of apologizing to Obama himself, but instead had to express his apologies to gatekeeper Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.
Just like the lawyer in a jury trial that makes some strange accusation and allows the judge to "strike that from the record," this nitwit decided to scream out in public and apologize.
Give me a break.


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