Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eight tenth's equals a third and three quarters.

I'm strange. I know it. Otherwise, I would have named the blog something besides My Sick Mind.
The Eagles are playing their first pre-season football game on Thursday night. The coach is telling people that the starters will be playing "a quarter and a half." That's football math. It won't fly in your kids' grammar school math class, but it works in the multi-billion dollar world of the National Football League. Tell that to a kid who complains that he'll "never use this math they're teaching us." Hard to argue.
Stuff like that makes me chuckle. To me, a quarter and a half is three-quarters, but then, I'm not a football coach. To a football coach, a quarter and a half is three-eighths (or a quarter and half of the next quarter) but if he told his players they were going to play three-eighths of the game, they'd probably be up all night doing the math. Some of them attended college.
Call a kid in grammar school.

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