Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Completely unrelated items

I can understand women who "collect" shoes. Closets full of them, even though they are limited to two feet. I've never been much of a shoe person. I own a pair of dress shoes, two pair of work shoes and a pair of sneakers for the gym.
If I had the unlimited income of say, a lottery winner, I'd have a drawer full of sunglasses. Oakley's, specifically. Even though I'm limited to two eyes, I enjoy the fashion statement. What I don't enjoy is the dollar statement, which is why I'm limited to two - one for each eye. Cheap sunglasses are just that, and I'm convinced they do more harm than good.
I keep hearing about the economic crisis, and I'm feeling it as much as anyone, but a quick tour of the Oakley web site finds something called the Pit Boss, selling for a cool $595. Sure, you say, 6 bills for sunglasses - but they're sold out, which tells me that at least a few Oakley customers have so little respect for six hundred dollars that they'd spend it on one pair of sunglasses when it could be equally spent on five.
For lovers of the haiku, I've had another posted on the haikubreakup site. My specialty, I suppose - writing about sorrow and longing. Everybody needs a hobby.
PARIS (AFP) – Biomedical researchers on Wednesday said they could explain why we swing our arms when we walk, a practice that has long piqued scientific curiosity. Swinging one's arms comes at a cost. We need muscles to do it, and we need to provide energy in the form of food for those muscles. So what's the advantage? Little or none, some experts have said, contending that arm-swinging, like our appendix, is an evolutionary relic from when we used to go about on all fours.
The advantage is that we look stupid if we walk and don't move our arms. Don't they watch Seinfeld? Stupid French.
Sam: Elaine, am I crazy? I just get the feeling that Dugan and the others are making fun of me all the time.
Elaine: Well, You might wanna think about ... maybe, eh ... moving your arms a little when you walk.
Sam: My arms?
Elaine: You know, sort of swing them, so you're not lurching around like a caveman.
Sam: I'm a caveman?
Elaine: No no no no ... it's just ...
Sam: Everybody told me what a catty shrew you are. You're horrible!
Cat fight!

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