Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Philadelphia Photo Safari

For those of you who have grown weary of my ranting (of which I am one) I'll give you a break from the nonsense today. I was one of the lucky slobs who had Veterans Day off, so rather than waste it in a gym or on the sofa, I took off for a little Photo Safari in Philadelphia. If you click on the photo it should come up in full screen, but I'm never sure how this Blogger thing works.
The first stop was the 8th and Market SEPTA station at The Gallery. I'll call these "See-through trains." It's that screwy fisheye lens on a long exposure. I could tell you how to do it, but then I'd have to kill you.The trees are nicely colored in the city, when you can find them.

I noticed a strange vehicle driving down Arch Street. It turns out someone was shooting a movie in the city and this 3-vehicle caravan rode up and down the street at least a half dozen times. One of the extras told me it was being shot by Dallywood Films from India.

I must admit, in the entire 51 years of my life in the Philadelphia area, this is as close as I've ever been to the Liberty Bell. I've never taken the Independence Hall tour either. Next time.

I think, if I were going to go into business for myself in America, I could make a list of about a thousand things that would be an easier sell than Afghanistan cuisine or a restaurant named Kabul, but there it is on Chestnut Street, directly between Independence Hall and the Korean War Memorial.

In Society Hill, near Penn's Landing there is a Korean War Memorial and a Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Mayor Nutter was there earlier Tuesday morning laying a wreath in honor of Veterans Day. I made a point of stopping by, just so I wouldn't forget what day it was.


Kate Michele said...

What great photos and a wonderful way to spend a day off.

See through trains?! Now I gotta come visit :D


kimmyk said...

okay so i wont ask, cause i'm diggin' life in general at the moment and the very thought of it cut short by asking how you shot that picture of the train just ain't worth it.

when jamie was in asscrackistan he said they made the best tea. everything else was a crap shoot. he didn't know if he was eating camel, goat, or something. so he didn't eat much, but always drank the tea. (goats milk and spices he said....kind of a chai tea sort of taste he said)

i totally love the fisheye.
again, much better than the wonkeye.

glad you enjoyed your day off. it was butt freezing cold here. i keep thinking i wanna get out there and take pics of fall before it's gone, but shit it's brrr out there and i'm a cupcake when it comes to being cold.

anywhoo....i had to work today til noon. glad you enjoyed your day off.

susan said...


Did you know there is a statue in front of the Betsy Ross house that has cats on it?

I thought you might like that - seeing you have cat.