Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another beautiful blog post.

Our local Comcast sports channel runs a pre and post-game show during every Eagles game. Last night I saw a promo for the show. In addition to the usual cast - Ike Reese, Ray Didinger, Vaughn Hebron and Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (that's a topic for another day) ... the voice-over added "and the lovely Kathy Romano."

There's no doubt that she is lovely. It's TV, so it's part of the reason she got the job. She does this thing called "Roaming With Romano" where she ... um ... roams around and talks to fans (guys) who probably shove each other out of the way for a shot to get close to her. That's not the point.

The point is the "lovely" introduction. Is it sexist to introduce a woman as lovely if you aren't going to say something about the men on the show? Hebron is a nice looking guy, why don't they describe him as handsome?

We (the societal we) feel compelled to describe women in a physical sense but men don't get the same treatment. You rarely hear men introduced as handsome or with some other descriptive word. I guess we think it's polite, but maybe it's condescending? After all, if women and men are equals (they are, right?) then shouldn't they be afforded the same courtesy. Besides, what if I don't think someone is lovely? Do I get three minutes for rebuttal?
I think too much.

Is lovely a necessary adjective to use when describing a woman? Why not "the articulate Kathy Romano?"

Oh, I forgot. It's television.


junior alien said...

Of course it's sexist! And of course you think too much - too much for an average, well-behaved middle class white male American citizen. But your readers enjoy your wasteful brain activity!

The photo of Kathy Romano you chose is extremely flattering.

junior alien said...

When you are young, pretty and female, you are a piece of prey. Television is a peep show. You know what men do in peep shows. Watching TV, you don't even have to pay.

Anthony said...

Especially when there's football involved. It's no accident that she's involved in the show, given the viewership.

kimmyk said...

i bet she sees a lot of naked asses don't you?

i'd say those bottoms were lovely if given the opportunity.

if someone called me lovely i'd probably hug 'em. chicks dig it no matter what they say.

Kate Michele said...

im with kimmy, this sexist shit has cost us compliments and i for one wont stand that! :D


Firestarter5 said...

They could have labelled her "downright bangable", but that may have had issues with the censors.