Saturday, July 5, 2008

For your amusement

Just like the fictional TV horse Mister Ed, I never speak unless I have something to say. Last night I was rummaging around some old CDs and came across a set of scans of amusement park photos that I took several years ago. These were taken at Ocean City, NJ and Wildwood, NJ; probably in 2001.
The exposure times vary, but always at least 4 seconds. What amazes me is how still people can be without asking. Had I asked, they probably would have moved. I can give you details if you're interested, but the details aren't that important.
It's another dreary day around here, so maybe this will brighten it a bit. Probably not.
I didn't notice the "chaos" sign until I got a look at the slide. It's framed in my living room.


kimmyk said...

whoa. great pics.

how long was your aperture open? shutter speed?

very cool. those are great shots. i hope one day very soon i'll be able to take some pictures like that. i've had my lens to my eye for the past week or so. hopefully i can get my pics uploaded today. it's sunny at 80's here today-i'm going out again. i found some old barns that were absolutely gorgeous.

very pics anthony. definitely worth putting in a frame.

kimmyk said...

so i hit my brother in the back of the head and i figure while i'm on a roll i might as well kick you in the ass too.

good times anthony...good freakin times.

Kate Michele said...

i love the first one... the chaos makes it.


John said...

the first one looks like the cover a dave matthews band album.

nice work!

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Whoa!! I love 'em!! I especially like the abstract nature of the lights. Good stuff.