Sunday, March 30, 2008

Davidson? Who?

Between the soy milk and the orange juice lies the heart of an idiot. Blithering Idiot, the fine Barley-Wine Style Ale produced by the Weyerbacher Company of Easton, PA. I'd better hurry and finish this post before I'm a reflection of the container. 11.1% ABV ya know.
Meanwhile, here's some info on Davidson College for those of you who had them in your ... ahem ... Bracket Pool ...

Davidson College is a liberal arts institution founded in 1837 by ministers of the Concord Presbytery. Its 1,700 students come from almost every state in the nation and many foreign countries. A highly selective admission process brings students who are proven scholars and leaders to a close campus community in the small town of Davidson, North Carolina.

There it is, just north of Charlotte and west of Kannapolis, North Carolina - hotbed of college basketball and hometown of Dale Earnhardt. They'll have to know how to get back home, now that their Final Four (not really final) hopes have been dashed by the Jayhawks. The Jayhawks' win in the Midwest Regional final sent all four No. 1 seeds to the Final Four for the first time. Nitwits all over America are going to win money on their "Bracket Pools" merely because they picked the "ones" to go to the finals. Spend it wisely. Your taxes are due in two weeks.


Kate Michele said...

Hmmm... add some rice milk in there and i'll be over.


Sparky Duck said...

Why did Curry not take the last shot? Best game of the weekend