Monday, July 3, 2006

A Source of Misinformation

While I was checking my Stat Counter (at the bottom of the screen) I noticed that some poor soul did a search on, wondering "when was terry cloth invented". The screen he got in return for his query looked like this:

As you can see, my little blog came up as response #4. Presumably, they are listed in order of relevance, and what could possibly be more relevant than My Sick Mind? As you can also see, of the other 3 responses, mine is the only one that comes close to addressing his question, albeit dateless - as am I.

If you're out there, poor soul, I hereby apologize if I led you astray in my June 20 post, claiming, facetiously that Terry Bradshaw was somehow responsible for that miracle fabric. For the record, it is also not true that 1,000 leggers have 998 legs, nor is it true that the Smokey and the Bandit films were based on unpublished works by William Shakespeare. I only hope that this minor indescretion has not damaged the heretofore unblemished record of reliability that I have built in a scant 3 months.

For now, the date of the invention of Terry cloth remains a mystery, but a much bigger question remains. Why would anyone want to know?


Kate Michele said...

Anthony!!! You're famous!!!!

Anthony said...

Famous, or infamous? We'll have to do a search!

Forty_Two said...

There's nothing sicker than a normal mind.