Saturday, July 22, 2006

Philly a Go-Go

I innocently opened the window, and clicked on the "Anthony's Store" tab, thinking that there would be some heretofore unknown treasures awaiting. What does Amazon think I should be reading? Much to my surprise, the number two selection was a little tome called "Paying for Sex: The Gentlemen's Guide To Web Porn, Strip Clubs, Prostitutes & Escorts" At least they think I'm a gentleman.
How did Amazon know? (I wondered quietly to myself). Finally, the last option available had been accounted for (so to speak). Pay for it - what a novel concept! Why bother with the incessant dinner dates, dancing and subsequent nonsense that goes with the dating process and jump right to the goodies? They skipped right over "How to Pick Up Women" and "How to be a Porn Director" and went right to the issue at hand (so to speak). Nice going, Amazon! I'll have to check my cookies to see what is giving them these (accurate) ideas on how I ain't getting any.
Maybe my spyware needs updating?
And, as we can see, what happens in Atlantic City doesn't necessarily stay in Atlantic City...
PHILADELPHIA -- State authorities have the right to make sure go-go dancers keep their bikinis on and their hands off themselves and others. In a New Jersey case, a federal appeals court in Philadelphia says the state can regulate lewd and immoral activity from taking place where liquor is served. The ruling involves the Atlantic City bar Moulin Rouge.
State troopers went undercover in 2003 and observed dancers rubbing themselves and patrons in sexually explicit ways. The state's Division of Alcohol Beverage Control issued a $10,000 fine.
The bar paid, but challenged the state's regulation against "lewdness or immoral activity" in places with licenses to sell alcohol.
Vice cops. A waste of good taxes, and in a state where we just had a major budget crisis, we were spending money to send cops to bars to watch dancers touching themselves. How do I get that job? More importantly, how do we get these people to find another job and stop bothering consenting adults out to enjoy themselves?
The point is that the state feels that "immoral activity" includes touching people. Something tells me that they wouldn't know immoral activity if it was taking place in their driveway. The state sent out a few cops to make sure that some guy who might have been getting a rub wasn't getting one. To what end? The guy still needs a rub, and the girl wanted to give him one. The only people not cooperating were the ones that were the least involved. That doesn't sound so much like law enforcement as much as it does buzz-kill enforcement.
Meanwhile, Amazon sells a book called "The American Male's Guide on How to Get More Pussy". Just don't read it in Atlantic City.


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