Thursday, May 25, 2006

I'll Take "The Bleeding Obvious" for a Hundred, Alex

HONOLULU - Fleming Beach Park, a mile-long crescent white sand beach on Maui's western shore featuring spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the rugged shores of Molokai Island, was named America's best beach in an annual list that also included two Florida beaches.
International beach expert Stephen Leatherman, also known as "Dr. Beach," lauded Fleming for its year-round sunny weather, scenic views, pristine waters and amenities such as showers, grills for barbecuing, snack bar, picnic facilities and ample parking.
Wow - what a big surprise, Doctor Beach. I hope you didn't get paid to do this research. God knows you can't find things like snack bars and ample parking anywhere like you can in Hawaii. Thanks so much for the valuable insights into the beaches of Hawaii. Without your guidance, I would have been wandering aimlessly along the shorelines of America searching for the best beach. Who knew it would be in Hawaii? Thanks for your invaluable assistance.
Here's a news flash for the good Doctor:

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Kate Michele said...

LOL... Sarcasm, sarcasm I love it!! Infact i've been told it should be my middle name! And I would also like to know how one becomes an international beach expert exactly?? Is it a major in college??